Gardener: Danny Melius

I started gardening a couple years ago.  The first year didn't go very well but last year was pretty good for still not knowing much about gardening and growing plants.  I have been inspired by Joel Salatin and Curtis Stone to expand my garden from 30 sqft to 400 sqft.  I feel that its important to be connected to the food that my family and I eat, thats where the garden comes in.  I will be attempting to implement, on a small scale, what Curtis Stone does in British Columbia, cultivating fast growing nutritious foods on a small piece of land.  He has been able to grow of $100,000 of food on 1/3 of an acre of land, that he doesn't own.  Aside from the food aspect, I want to teach my son, age 10 , that your hard work pays off and you get back what you put in. A garden is perfect for that and you get yummy, healthy vegetables.