Building the Fence!

Because I decided to move my garden into the backyard, I needed to build a little fence around it so my three dogs won't get into it and mess up my vegetables.  As you can see from the last post, I have plenty of left over wood (2x4s and fence posts).  I had 6, 8 foot, fence posts from the deck of the mini ramp.  I first cut them into 2, 3 foot, pieces and 1, 2 foot, piece.  The 3 foot pieces I used for the posts of the garden.  I didn't put them very deep, between 6 to 8 inches.  The 1 foot pieces I'll use for a flower planter in my front yard.  After that the process was pretty straight forward, 2, 2x4's, cut to length, and screwed to the posts.  My boys even helped with some of the work.  Titus helped me dig the post holes and held the 2x4s in place so I could screw them to the posts and Cody held the screws from me.

Cutting posts

Titus digging post holes

Posts in the ground

fence framed

After the fence was framed, I measured and cut 2x4s vertically about half way in between each post to have something to staple the chicken wire to so it wouldn't sag between the posts.  Next I walked the chicken wire around the fence stapling as I went and finally finished it off with a little gate.

Completed Fence

Fence up close

After about 2 weekends working on it, the fence is finally done.  Now its time to till in the grass, rake, rinse and repeat. Then I'll have to decide how to shape up the beds, either north-south along the length of the bed or east-west along the width of the bed.  First things first, on to the tilling.