Making Room

So a few years ago, I decided to build a mini ramp in my backyard.  The thing was big, 16 wide, 25 feet long, and 4 feet tall.

we called it the smurf ramp

The ramp was a blast to ride...right up until the weather got to it and warped all the masonite.  I was super bummed but never got around to fixing it up so it just sat in my backyard, a sad reminder of sport and passion from my youth.  Not really but it was sad and slowly becoming a hazard.  After my girlfriend moved in with 2 year old Cody, I decided it was probably time to tear it down.  This was in the summer of last year, after I was seeing success with my little garden on the side of my house.  I decided then that I had plenty of wood to recycle and that i could turn the huge unused area in my backyard into something I could use and get something back from, a bigger garden that hopefully with careful tending and attention would give me tons of vegetables and herbs.

day 1 tore down the deck and
some of the transition plywood
day 2 took down sections of the
quarter transition and more plywood
day 3 tore down the remaining
quarter transition and flat bottom
day 4 finished taking down the last
quarter transition

As you can see after day 4, there was a great space for a really big garden that rose out of the debris of rotting wood and disintegrating plywood.  It was infested with ants, termites, spiders, and mold.  Having the ramp in my backyard was great, but the time had come for it to go and make way for something new and productive.  The new garden is already starting to take shape.  This past weekend, I've started building a fence around the garden area.  The only things I have left to do on the fence is putting up chicken wire and making a gate.  More on that next time.