Welcome to the Melius Backyard Garden!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by to checkout my gardening blog.  The Melius house consist of myself, Danny, my wonderful girlfriend, Taylor, my son, Titus, and Taylor's son, Cody.  I started gardening 2 years ago.  My first year was a disaster.  The only thing I grew that year was mint, chives, and onions.  It was terrible and I decided to just wait until the next year.  Last year was considerably better.  In addition to the mint, chives, and onions(that I didn't harvest), I planted 4 bundles of tomato plants, 2 rows of carrots which came out to around 20 carrots, 4 bell pepper plants, and 3 cucumber plants.  All in a little 8' x 3' 9" bed, only about 30 sq ft.

The tiny bed I started gardening vegetables in.  This is last year after everything sprouted and started growing:

The feeling I got from successfully growing awesome tasting vegetables, that i grew without any knowledge really of gardening and without any fertilizers, was amazing.  My kids loved the vegetables and they were gone in no time after harvesting.  The bell peppers were crisp and delicious.  The carrots were short and stubby but full of flavor.  The tomato plants turned into a gigantic bush of tomatoes.  It was fun hunting for ripe tomatoes and smelling the aroma of the tomato leaves as they were agitated reminded me of my mom's garden when I was a toddler.  The mint we put into water and made our water taste wonderful.  We harvested chives a few times and used them to cook with, adding a nice punch to anything we put them in.  I did still mess some stuff up.  The cucumbers I always left on the vine for too long and they turned bitter, which was a bummer because they are my favorite.  I should have harvested the onions but didn't again.  I think because I just got lazy and then all of a sudden they were seeding.  Below are pictures I took over the course of last summer and fall.

baby cucumber 
harvested carrots
bell pepper
more tomatoes
harvested bell peppers and tomatoes
This year I will be moving my garden into my backyard.  The garden is going to be huge compared to what I've done in that past 2 years.  The rough dimensions will be 25' x 16'.  Needless to say, the garden will be a handful and will take way more tending and care than my little tiny side garden.  I'm excited though and looking forward to all of the fresh vegetables I'm going to be able to eat at my table.  

Again, thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read my little blog.  There is for sure more to come in the future, so stop back by when you get the chance.