Changes, Changes

Its been over a month since my last post and tons of things have happened since then.  First and foremost, I've changed the name to Nuke-City Veg.  The name started out as a joke between my cousin and I.  A couple months ago,  I was looking for a podcast to listen to that would give me insight, tips, or advice on gardening, since I still don't know that much about gardening.   I found PermaCulture Voices.  Through this podcast I was introduced to high intensity farming and Curtis Stone.  I purchased Curtis Stone's book, "The Urban Farmer: Growing Food for Profit on Leased and Borrowed Land" shortly after listening to a few podcasts featuring him on PermaCulture Voices.  His story is amazing.  He grows over $100,000 worth of food on about a third of an acre, in British Columbia, Canada.  In his book, Curtis emphasizes very heavily to start small, so my little 400 sqft plot is just right and he inspired me to want to turn this into a business venture.  I'm going to implement his systems and strategy on my plot and see what happens.  In awe of what Curtis is doing in British Columbia, I was telling my cousin Nate Simmons about it and my grand scheme of turning myself into a farmer sarcastically.  The first name that popped into my head for my farm was Nuke-City Veg because I live in Amarillo, Texas with a nuclear weapons facility Pantex just a few miles outside of town.  There have been multiple social groups and a few business with Bomb City in the name but I didn't want to seem like I was co-opting that for my own purposes so Nuke-City was the obvious next choice.  I'm going to be growing mainly vegetables so Veg for short.  Nuke-City Veg it is.   The other big change is moving web sites.  If I'm going to embark on this journey with the goal in mind to sell vegetables, I need a better place to write about the garden, update potential customers with products, and have a way to sell somehow.  Blogger just doesn't work for that.  I've played around with SquareSpace but never actually setup any websites through their service.  It was super simple to set this website up and get it going quickly.  I'm really happy with it and hope you enjoy the new home and look of my little gardening journey.  I know this was a quick post but I'll be cover the prepping the plot in the next post and it will probably be quite a long post.  I had to do tons of work and I'm not really even done with it yet but the time has come to share more pictures and thoughts on my journey to becoming a gardener.